Your HR lifeline for the
Small and Medium Enterprises

Recruitment and Training
- Sourcing candidates
- Structured and comprehensive interviewing methodology (Competency-based).
- Interview Coaching for Job Applicants
Statutory Compliance
- Human Resources Audit
- Compiling of Company customised Policies and Procedures
- Dispute Resolution
- Risk Management
- A solid remuneration strategy, based on a clearly defined organisation structure, is an investment with considerable return.
- Organisational Design
- Working with a business coach helps the individual gain confidence, raise self-awareness and most importantly get results.

About HR Cover

HR Cover is a Human Resources Practice who provides HR related services to Small and Medium Enterprises on an ad hoc basis (if and when required) or on a retainer basis (services according to a Service Level Agreement).

A team of highly qualified Human Resources Practitioners will be ready to attend to a client’s immediate needs within 24 hours after initial contact.

In order to provide the best services for our clients, we stay up to date on recent developments in the Human Resources fields.

Our aim is to support employers by assisting them with their Human Resources challenges which will enable them to focus on their core business.
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We provide our services on the following basis:

  • 1 Ad hoc: Render a service “if and when” required.
  • 2 Retainer: Contract our services on a fixed period at a reduced tariff.

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