Remuneration Strategy

  • A double remuneration strategy, based on a clearly defined organisation structure, is an investment with considerable return.

  • Employment cost is seldom less than 50% of operating cost, yet employers invest almost nothing in ensuring its effectiveness.

  • A remuneration strategy will preserve trust and will ensure a platform for leadership and the ability to retain and engage good talent.

  • We assist employers with :
    • Remuneration strategy that supports the business model;
    • Credible benchmarking against market practices;
    • Designing incentive schemes customised specifically for the employer.

Organisational Design

  • Do you have a roadmap for your organisational development with measurable focus areas?
    • Do you know what the issues are that are hampering your organisation’s success?
    • Do you have the right people in the right roles?
    • How aligned are your employees to your organisation’s vision and goals?
    • How effective is your leadership team?
    • How do you track and measure your organisational performance?
  • What can you expect from working with us?
    • We assist you in understanding the key challenges and barriers to your organisational success.
    • We provide you with actionable output, in setting a baseline against which you can continuously monitor and track your organisational effectiveness.

Management Coaching

  • Working with a business coach helps the individual gain confidence, raise self-awareness and most importantly get results.
  • Experienced coaches work with key decision makers in the organisation in terms of longer term business issues, day-to-day challenges and personal development.

Training and Development

  • Customer Service training.
  • Supervisory and First Line Management training.
  • Senior Management training
  • General Management training.